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As of tomorrow I'm 3 weeks on T - Taylor [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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As of tomorrow I'm 3 weeks on T [Mar. 4th, 2010|09:21 pm]

Changes I exp. in the first 2 weeks
- gain weight (water weight is in the gained weight)
- very hungry and hungry all the time
- thirsty a lot
- had some mood swings
- good blood circulation (I didnt get as cold as quick)
- sore throat but no real voice change
- Horny!!! Lol and some dick growth
- got some random spotting which has since stopped
- more upper body strength (Anything and everything seems easier to lift)
- acne starting on my back, chest, and upper arms (- my face has tryed to break out some but hasnt, had more than 2 at a time)

Week 3 changes - after 2nd shot
- voice is starting to drop
- its dropped a little but is a noticable drop, as I've had comments how how my voice is starting to change and sounds a bit different
- feel very mellow and calm this weak
- dicklet grew some
- starting to notice more upper body muscle (its not much, but due to being so underweight pre T, Its noticable only to me, I believe)
- the inner part of my hips are sort of going away
- i think my skin texture is just barely starting to change
- happy trail is going higher
- acne on back, chest, upper arms a little worse
-my face has been pretty clear still, though its still trying to break out, but hasnt yet but I have heard that with Enathate, that you don't get as bad of acne on your face as other prescriptions for T
- fat from my moobs are starting to go somewhere else ( though I didn't have much to began with, due to my weight I was pre T)
- inner thigh hair is starting to get thicker

- - -note- - - I could or could not be exaggerating some of these, but these are things I've noticed

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[User Picture]From: windowofdark
2010-03-09 01:45 pm (UTC)
i've not noticed any difference hair-wise (as in happy trail) but everyone is different. Also, my voice is different but not because of T, it is because I am less stressed and more calm, thus able to talk calmer and not as high pitched.
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