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My sex drive is getting higher! - Taylor [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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My sex drive is getting higher! [Mar. 29th, 2010|04:22 pm]
I'm 6 weeks and 3 days on T, and my drive is high! I need to jack off 5-6 times a day, once in the morning and once right before bed, and sometimes 3-4 times between then. Its weird as how I feel sexually is changing, Like I want my little guy to get sucked by a nice warm mouth and that's what I'm always thinking while jacking off while watching porn. I think more dirty than I used to, lol. right now just while writing this, I'm getting hard, I spent all day except maybe an hour hard and thinking about sex, and I've been up since 8 am.

for changes since my last shot is

- I feel awesome! my energy level is back up
- Horny!!!!!
- in the last 3 weeks or so my hands are getting hairier
- my voice is changing
- I believe my voice may have changed since last night, as when I woke up
my voice sounded a bit deeper to me, it was weird when I first talked this morning
I noticed a difference right away with how I sounded to myself. lol

- I think my acne is starting to trying to come in on my face
- still getting some acne on my back, chest, upper arms, and neck area
- I think my facial structure might be starting to change

(for those not on my facebook as I have these pictures up on there)

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