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5th week update - Taylor [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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5th week update [Mar. 19th, 2010|09:48 pm]

Since my last shot I've exp some general anxiety, and feeling down some too. The feelings werent too bad but they were there some. I'm starting to get more fatiqed. I tend to nap around 3pm and wake up at 6pm. My voice got really squeaky on Thursday March 18th. My throat hurts now (first real throat ache since starting T). My voice may have dropped some in the last week, but I'm not sure, as its not as big of a notice with the changes than when it first changed. My arm and shoulder muscles started to hurt Thursday morning (March 18th) but didn't really feel it till that night and now they hurt all the time. I did 41 push ups on Tuesday (16 in one rep and 25 in the other) lol I'm very proud I was able to do that, as I used to struggle to do 10 before lol. Starting to get some acne on my face by my side burns. I found a fresh razor at my dad's and shaved my face for the first time today (March 19th). My face felt a little weird after shaving, lol. My facial hair above my lip was starting to look like a gross dirt lip like a teenage boy would get. Lol. My little guy down there feels like someone is pinching him pretty hard now. I don't think my appitite is as strong as it was, but it could be that I'm now very used to eatting a lot, and it may not have changed but I just don't notice it as much as its become the norm.

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